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Pangea produces a variety of media works for international corporations, regional companies and family businesses. Whether your needs are sales, training or corporate positioning, Pangea helps clients create programs with the power to persuade.

· corporate image campaigns
· advertising and sales
· product launch and quality control
· manufacturing and medical procedures
· training and safety
· recruitment and orientation
· presentations for annual meetings, conferences and awards programs
· business histories

Pangea produces a significant amount of educational and exhibition media for academic, artistic and cultural institutions, schools and museums. Our production team excels in the scholarship, collaboration and creativity required to produce programs that educate, entertain and illuminate.

· institutional image campaigns
· educational outreach campaigns
· training and awards programs
· distance learning
· museum exhibitions
· news features
· artist profiles
· special events
Pangea produces more comprehensive media projects for institutions and broadcast networks. Tom Law, Owner, Pangea Productions Ltd. is also a founding trustee and project director for Voyageur Media Group, Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to the creation of public media about science, history and culture. Since 1993, Law has developed, written and produced about a dozen documentary projects in collaboration with governmental agencies, academic institutions, scholars, artists and musicians. Voyageur's media projects, many created with educational materials and companion websites, have earned high ratings, critical acclaim and awards not only for their production values, but, more importantly, for their ability to inspire.

· documentaries
· publications
· instructional videos
· travel and "how to" programs
· educational websites

Pangea specializes in the development of history media for businesses, professional associations, nonprofit organizations and families. Our services range from basic research and oral history interviews to biographies, business profiles and the establishment of digital media archives. Pangea helps clients preserve their past as a means to understand the present and prepare for the future.

· Archival research
· Oral history interviews
· Business and organization histories
· Biographies
· Presentations for anniversaries and special events
· Digital media archiving

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